Amelia Coffey


I started playing in bands during my college years while studying music.  The lure of traveling, having the opportunity to play music and make money at it too, was to much of a temptation and I abandoned the university for , "the road."  I would continue to perform professionally for several years before hanging up my microphone to finish my studies.  I obtained my degree in the medical field and began a new direction in my career which I found extremely rewarding.  Getting the opportunity to see life in a different way is a true blessing.  Thank you to all the wonderful patients and co-workers I have worked taught me how to live.  Through these amazing experiences, I found my way back to my innate passion which was music.  As I mentioned on my Home page, I also have a deep love for animals and wanted to find a means to help in some way.  I realized that I could write, record and hopefully sell the CD's to make money for animal aid organizations.  So, that is what I did. I have found my musical niche in composing music that I hope you will find, soothing yet uplifting, peaceful and visual.  My style is eclectic, drawing from my past experience in numerous genres of music.   Many of my pieces are currently being played on and maintaining a large and dedicated fan base.   The title cut of the album, Uriel's Passage, was selected as an Honorable Mention in Mike Pinder's 2009 Third Quarter Songwars Competition, a finalist in the international category of the MusicOz Awards in Australia and a finalist in the instrumental category of Great American Song Contest 2009. Recently, El Mar De La Noche  was selected to air on Women of Substance Radio, the  Women's Radio Music Channel and INDIE 104 - IRADIO LA. The song, Reflections Thru Time, was chosen as a finalist in the instrumental category of The Great American Song Contest and also a semi-finalist in the UK  Songwriting Contest.  2011 Song of The Year, Reflections Thru Time was a Finalist.  2012 USA International Songwriting Contest, Raven's FLight place in the top 10 Finalists of the Instrumental Category. 2012 Great American Song Contest the songs Raven's Flight and Awakening placed in the Finalists in the instrumental category.  2012 UK Songwriting Contest, the songs Awakening and El MAr De La Noche both placed in the Semi-Finalist in the instrumental category. 2013 West Coast Songwriters International Song Competition Winner of the Instrumental Category for the Composition, Raven's Flight.


I have just published my new CD entitled, Release.  A brilliant musician, composer , producer and arranger by the name of Wayne Jones, has produced this album for me.  You might of heard  his music if you have purchased some of the Life Scape CD's from Target, specifically, Rhythms of Africa, Spirit of India, Alaskan Journey and many others.  He also composes music for television on shows such as "House" He is an amazingly talented artist and I am so honored to have him produce my music!   I hope you will click on my Audio Page to hear a few full tracks or my Store Page to hear clips of each song and possibly purchase the CD.


Thank you for your interest and taking the time hear more about me and my music.